Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hi-lights from Pajama Rama Game Night

Jesse Adams ponders the answer to a question.

Natalie Mangis enjoys a funny question.

Ellen Kersy tells a joke.

January Was Pajama Month

January seemed to be pajama themed, beginning with the funny prank my girls pulled on my husband and me with the "uninvited guest" in our bathroom. They got me twice with this one. Imagine walking into your bathroom expecting some privacy from the family, knowing they were all accounted for in other areas of the house, only to be startled by a headless pajama monster occupying your space!

However, the pajama fun wasn't just limited to home. At the end of January, about 40 fun-loving women gathered for an evening of fun and games at Bethany for a pajama themed event. Yes, many of us came to church dressed in our pjs although yours truly did not change into pjs until the fashion bit of the evening.

We enjoyed a group game called the name game where we each took turns guessing the famous person name that someone else had chosen. The object was to match up the name with the person. We all choose names like Liza Minelle, Donald Duck, Sir Henry somebody (can't remember), Snow White and the list goes on. It took quite a while for all of the names to be guessed, but it was fun and quite challenging.

The next portion of the evening featured a pajama fashion show, with clever ideas of how or how not to accessorize your evening wear, depending on your personal style. I wish I had photos of this!

We finished the evening by rotating between tables set up with board games, which was fun because we were able to play many different games and interact with nearly everyone who came to the event.

I thoroughly enjoyed this evening and look forward to the next Girlfriends Night Out event.

Written and Photographed by
Diana Dettwyler
Women's Ministries Team Member